Don’t Shoot the Messenger

My patient is angry and ashamed. Another fight with her boyfriend, another book thrown across the room. When the feeling rises up this strongly, she finds it almost impossible not to strike out in action. She does feel better for a moment afterward, until the wave of shame comes over her. She feels trapped, stuck;Continue reading “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”

Patients Who Lie

All patients are unreliable narrators in that their narratives change as their treatment deepens. Free association, the analysis of dreams and enactments in the transference all affect the patient’s understanding and memory of past events. The lapses in memory or affect-laden versions of events are not conscious. However, some patients are not unreliable narrators becauseContinue reading “Patients Who Lie”

Online Therapy: From Both Sides Now

In psychotherapy, clients take us into their homes, literally and figuratively. When they fully engage in the therapeutic relationship, they invite us into their emotional homes, some more than others. They show us the way around and ask for our help because the integrity and stability of their home has been fractured. Like what youContinue reading “Online Therapy: From Both Sides Now”

How Does Worrying Impact the Body?

Worrying too much has the potential to negatively impact your health. Excessive worrying can have a much bigger impact on your body than you might realize. Read on to take a look at how worrying can affect the body and why you need to change that mindset.  What Happens to Your Body When You WorryContinue reading “How Does Worrying Impact the Body?”

Phases of Coping with the Pandemic

As we know, the COVID-19 pandemic presents unique challenges to both the client and the therapist. This phased framework for coping with the pandemic was developed by integrating my observations of patterns in client responses with application of developmental and resilience theories and research on the neurobiology of trauma. The framework helped in working withContinue reading “Phases of Coping with the Pandemic”

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